From concept to creation…

PRECISE Cosmetics Packaging is a World Class Primary Packaging Manufacturer and Supplier for the health and beauty industry headquartered in Ontario, California.

At PRECISE we have a long and well established history of supplying both the Asian and European markets with cutting edge innovation, design and manufacturing and we’ve recently brought that same expertise to North America. 

Our longevity in the injection molding industry allows us the opportunity to offer competitive pricing. We’re able to handle both small and large capacity projects ensuring quality as our top priority. We also offer unparalleled customer service to clients large and small.  We carry a wide selection of customizable industry standard cosmetics packaging and work with our clients to create fully customized solutions as well.

With PRECISE you can be confident that you are going directly to the source! We specialize in managing your project from concept to creation.

With quality and innovation at the forefront, PRECISE Cosmetics Packaging constantly strives to stay ahead of the curve with purposeful and planned relationships to assist you in launching your next vision.